For further information on the BCM – Body Composition Monitor, please see the following downloads:


General Information


Video (please use the Windows Media Player to play the video)


PDF "Hydration status of HD vs PD patients"
PDF "Optimization of fluid status in HD patients
PDF "DW assessment in HD patients" 
PDF "Summary validation" 
PDF "Precise assessments of V"
PDF "Fluid assessments in PD"
PDF "Information on reference ranges"
PDF "The mortality risk of overhydration in haemodialysis patients"
PDF "body composition model"
PDF "validation of output parameters"
PDF "pre & post dialysis measurement"
PDF "Reproducibility"
PDF "patient’s life cycle"
PDF "K*t/V assessment"
PDF "hydration status in HD patients"
PDF "hydration reference plot"
PDF "F-PO1682 Malnutrition and Fluid Overlaoad"
PDF "TH-PO606 Fluid Overload Longitudinal Anaylsis"
PDF "TH-PO608 Blood Pressure and Fluid Overload"
PDF "TH-PO615 Fluid Overload European Centre Analysis"